• rebeltease 9w

    Need To Know

    I want to wake to you each day, fall asleep with the taste of you on my lips 
    Never to be fake, to be the rays for your sun to eclipse 
    Your reason for embracing everyday, the need you have in life to achieve 
    Always teasing I want never to be replaced, the seed to help you believe 
    Can I get lost in your luscious extreme, the welcoming moon in your nights 
    The daily cost within your dreams, the sweet tune that brings you light
    I want to cause your bottom lip to slightly shake, from anticipation of your lips meeting mine
    The sweetness to sip in the wake of our love, to be that realization, not a fleeting sign 
    For our bodies to tremble, from the want of the others touch
    I pray it’s me that resembles the need you want and love so much
    Just laying here thinking about you, has me craving the deliciousness that is you 
    I guess what I’m saying is your enslaving my ridiculousness I've given to so very few 
    See I would surrender my last breath for you and these feeling still grow 
    Can you promise me the same in return, can you share with me I need to know