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    Chapter 3

    // Sundar sundar vo haseena badi,
    Sundar sundar,
    Main to khone laga uske nashe main
    Bin piye behakaa //
    We were singing aloud in sink like we were exerting our frustration out of our body in the form of this song, we were so much in moment, if someone asked us to something daring we would have been done it, we had so much of adrenaline rush in our body. When song was complete we looked at eachother and high-fived eachother like we did something big in our life we completed some goal, though it was just a song but we had fulfilled some goals.
    We didn't propose to eachother as in we didn't said we are in relationship but we were understanding eachother very well, hanging out after work, planning weekend to go out, we were living with eachother but there were no compulsion to it, it was more of like we are vibing with eachother.
    After completing the song, I looked to her, she rolled down window of car and was enjoying slow winds passing through her face, wind which was making her hairs dance on their direction, her eyes were watching the living side of road which was making me feel like she is about to kiss wind and ask them to pass it on for someone who is in need of that love.
    She was so happy, she was so lively that she forgot she was having cramps few minutes back.
    Few hours ago, we were talking on call and suddenly she said "I fucking hate it when I have periods on such a good day, I want to go out, it is so sunny, I want to dress well, I want to enjoy this time and I am so much of pain right now, like so much that I can kill someone to get rid of this pain, please god take this pain away". I stopped and gave a thought and asked "shall we go out? Don't get ready, let's go out for a ride, wear your payjama, you really look beautiful in it, I am bringing chocolates and some pastries for you, I will be there in 20 minutes, just wash your face and come out of your flat, we are rolling baby" she was shook after listening to this , with low tone she replied "okay" and I cut the call, went out and started doing chores to make her feel good, spraying room spray in car, getting fresh warm pillow for her, went out and bought things for her and reached her place, called her down.
    She was looking so beautiful and perfect with sleepy face, I hugged her when she came out, she was smelling so good,feels like I went to garden full of flowers where water is just sprinkled over muddy ground, and sun is hidden behind white clouds. She kissed me on cheeks and said "you smell good" and then we went out for the ride.
    We were enjoying this thing between us, there was no rule of being fabricated with looks and being smart ass in front of eachother, we were more of like cute kids walking around and exploring ourselves, I was really enjoying her company, she was so perfect so perfect, how can even someone think of breaking this heart,I was her escape from the reality of stuck with someone else thoughts and also I was searching for something in my life, she came in my life like a missing puzzle pieces, she completed my puzzle of love, but I felt like we are perfect for eachother for some reason or other. I was really seeing my future with this person but taking everything very slow like very slow like very very slow.
    She rolled up windows took my mobile and changed song to very slow soft song, then she looked at me with little shyness and came up to me kissed me on my cheeks, this happened so sudden that I didn't get any idea what just happened. She took my other hand and kissed it slowly, and she was kissing all over it and suddenly she bite me on the hand like she was known to this drill, like she was already ready to do it like she took my hand not to kiss it but to bite it, that bite was so sudden that it gave me little shock of something happened in hand like a lion put his teeth in hand and it is going to tear it. I took my hand away from her by looking at her in anger like what you are doing? She gave me sad look, the sad look, that will melt anyone, that look can melt down glaciers, and that look made me put my hand back to its place, like I am giving you my hand, use my hand as you like, she was so happy to see that, she kissed me again on my cheeks and this time she didn't bite my hand but put it over heads n made me pat her like when we pat a kid when they do something good, this thing made me smile,
    It made me so happy that I parked my car, and kissed her, kissed her like I haven't kissed anyone from years, like someone put drugs on her lips making me addict to it, she stopped for few seconds took few deep breaths and we kissed again, this kiss was so intimate with love and happiness that we forgot that we were still on the road. I opened her hairs again which she tucked few minutes after rolling up window, her hairs were soft, which was placing all our faces, I played with her hairs, they were smelling so good, I was getting drugged with this smell, I was becoming addicted to this smell, I want it, I want it more, I want have it more and more.
    We were back on the road, we were heading back to her place, both were getting hungry, we went to her place, ordered pizza.
    I went so many times to this house, but I always find it amusing everytime whenever I go, it has smell of hers, like essence of her all over the place, she maintained her house so well, there was one white dream catcher in living room, I don't know why but I find it so beautiful in that place, dream catchers are always been beautiful but this was one was different like it came from the real feathers of a white bird who has its existence only in heaven like it is so beautiful. I was so much in thought of it that i forgot she was calling me.
    We went to her balcony, last time we bought chairs, to seat in balcony like a restaurant with open view place to enjoy, it was place, we decorated it with ligths and small plants and wooden floor, it looks so good to seat there especiallyat night, we can see a lot of places as she was living on top floor, we had really great view of outside, it was really great idea of mine to do this.
    We had pizza and wine like a date over a big five star place.
    Before leaving I said "I love this place very much, it feels like I also want to stay here, actually I want to stay with you" she looked at me with a smile and said "NO" . We both laughed and I went back to my place.
    At night she messaged me "thank you very much for this day, I really wanted to go out and enjoy it, wish I could stay forever with you and forever and ever"

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    You and new me

    Sometimes being in love and being not in love is same if you are staying with a great person, the person with great feeling for you and the person who likes you who you are,
    All is about feeling and existence of eachother with love and at most care.