• maz_999 37w


    The depth of my heart is pale, broken and dark
    In it unveils broken words of a nostalgic iffy soul
    Today... i begin my journey without you, the journey of us apart
    Words so hard to utter and write.... but impossible to control

    I wanted to be free, bold, found and centered
    So i had to flee: home felt cold, down and tempered
    Finally i lifted this unquiet edict from my pumice stone
    In there lies a soul that was happy, adventurous and filled with hope

    Guess I've written down more to you than I've ever told
    Your beauty didn't attract my heart and your character didn't attract my soul
    There's a saying "don't wear it if the shoe doesn't fit"
    So I moved on and left my deepest sorrow as a note on the fridge