• v_th1rt3en 34w

    Untuned Life

    A life spent torn due to a past full of regret
    From child to adult, times I wish I could reset

    Mental woes creating scars unable to cover
    Accepting my faults, the only way to recover

    Using what time I have left to be something more
    Creating meaningful change for the world I adore

    Still unable to let go of my lingering grief
    I use words, art, and music to find brief relief

    It's a life imperfect, but one I'll forever revere
    Blessed with family, friends, and pets I truly hold dear

    Your time, I've learned, is best not lent to the past
    Because, in just an instant, this chapter could be your last

    Cherish the moment, those you love, and grow
    So you have no regrets when laid six feet below