• dreambeliever 188w

    The Snuggle

    Warm soft arms around you fold,
    On my shoulder, lay your head.
    We’ll snuggle through the darkest hours,
    Be it sofa, floor or bed.

    Kisses on your head I’ll rain,
    To try to ease your sorrow.
    And as you sigh, I'll hold you tight,
    Until the sun returns, tomorrow.

    Tenderly my fingers stroke,
    Along your arms and chest,
    Joined by lips so moist and soft,
    This snuggle is the best.

    Kisses, long and soft and slow,
    That last for hours it seems.
    Whilst you hold me, through the night,
    If only in my dreams.

    When I wake, to greet the morn,
    The dream it fades away.
    The distant memory remains,
    As I rise to face the day.