• nityatiwari__ 21w

    Again we met
    Under the moon
    He was as happy as ever
    But it was her, always thrusting with buts and ifs!
    No no, she wasn't scared nor was she doughty!
    Perturbed with the darkness
    She dreaded deep
    Of losing,
    Losing their faith that was built upon trust
    Or proclaimed with a thought of those exceptions
    that exerted her to accept what never succumbed.
    This time, she was reticent 'bout all that was happening,
    for she fathomed him to understand her silence
    Silence that was gossiping loquaciously
    and when the breeze suddenly canoodled her with vehemence
    it was him, who held her tight
    never letting her go, no matter how hard she detained.

    My heart was locked in his eyes,
    deeper than the depth of oceans,
    I plucked some moments and gasped his love
    I tried Manoeuvring my thoughts
    But they entreated my mind while he made my tears numb,
    Not everything that falls, breaks
    Sometimes we have to fall to rise
    Not everything that's trusted,shatters
    Sometimes it's better to understand the wrangles between death and demise.

    Time puts restrains'
    But unplumbed fathoms beseeched her
    Not everything can be conjected
    For some thoughts decay with time
    It was not anew that she brooded
    Perhaps he deserved better,
    Or perhaps sometimes all we want is worse!
    - Nityatiwari__

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    I closed my eyes and trusted moon,
    Cause everything happens well in its twilight!
    Hey moon, can you please whisper in his heart
    That the time that I have asked for is for him only!!