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    Just a simple post appreciating love in our lives ❤
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    She's different
    She's like a flower that spreads her fragrance
    She's not a person, she's a feeling, she's an aura you surround yourself with
    She's an obsession
    She's the one who absorbs you
    She's not someone who comes and goes
    She's the wind that carries you along

    Her laughter becomes a rythm for your ears
    Her smile is like the cresent moon, you can just gaze for hours
    Her eyes are an addiction, you cannot just look away
    She's perfect, with a beautiful heart, a beautiful soul, and that sweet little dimple on one side
    She's like a dream, because you don't know when she became a part of your heart, but you just feel lost into it
    She's an intricate art form, with complexities that embrace you from each corner, till you are just a drop of paint in front of that magnificent canvas
    She's just like I said, and at the same time she's someone else
    Because she cannot be described in few lines
    You just can't describe her
    She's like a sword that turns into a petal with each hit
    She's just a beautiful mess, like the autumn leaves that create a texture on ground, that hits the soul
    Her memory is enough to make you write for hours, and still end up feeling frustrated because she's still so much more than you can explain
    She's an ocean you can't swim
    You just drown and drown, and there's no coming back
    She's too good to be happening to me, and I am too lucky to have her in my life
    Her presence is enough to soothe me
    She has the most beautiful heart, beautiful set of lips, beautiful eyes, beautiful nose, beautiful hair, an irresistible charisma, she's a blessing.
    Her movements are like a goddess, her each movement is a blissful step touching your soul
    She a rush, a passion, a choas for your mind
    She's everything I could've ever imagined