• urvashi_s 46w

    My Friend

    I lost a friend.
    A friend who was dear,indeed.
    This long ride together we journeyed.
    But time plays its own role;
    He became very old.
    With age he turned blind and deaf;
    Our love for him never suppressed.

    When we found him
    A little pup was he,
    And now after twelve years
    We lost him,
    In his eternal deep sleep.

    He was my father's best friend
    Always following him wherever he went.
    I remember,
    He used to sit in front of house;
    Waiting for my father to come out.
    And whenever he saw him,
    His ecstasy was beyond imagination.
    And would throw tantrums
    To gain his attention.
    Wagged his tail to and fro,
    What's for food
    Always keen to know.

    He was a very good friend.
    And losing him,
    Has left me in immense pain.
    At the time of his death,
    He himself was in a so much pain.
    That his plight I could not explain.
    He was breathing heavily
    And was very restless,
    Tears were rolling down his eyes
    And soon he became breathless.
    We prayed for his peace;
    And soon,
    He embraced his death;
    And went into a deep rest.