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    Wishing you happiest b'day Gunjit ����
    May God bless u with lot of happiness... whatever you want may u achieve it....❤️

    You're such a pure heart person I have met...in virtual or real life...,thnkk u for giving always genuine feedback on posts...and sometimes being a motivational speaker for me..��
    I still remembered the day when I used to tell the thing which I didn't tell to anyone ...and with sharing its solution...u told me that Rani di will surely help me...��And really I am very thankful for that intro of urs with Rani di��

    R baaki aapka talent to bhaisaaabbb...kisi insaan mai inna saara talent mil paana..maano mera Virat se mil paane jaisa hai,��
    Limit iski infinity to nhi pr tends to infinity jarur hai��

    For this:)
    अपनी हर पोस्ट पर आप काला टीका लगाए..
    अल्लाह आपको हर, बुरी नजरे से बचाए।।��

    (Read bg)��

    Or baaki...,��
    Janamdin ki dher saari shubhkaamnaye aapko����

    May you be gifted with life’s biggest joys and never-ending bliss. After all, you yourself are a gift to earth, so you deserve the best. Happy birthday

    @gunjit_jain baaki aapki taraf se party...��
    Nhi to wo treat wala I phone ..��

    (Note- I don't know how to write b'day post....bs,����)

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    अल्लाह करे आपके इर्द गिर्द एक मैगनेटिक फील्ड बन जाए..जो अट्ट्रेक्ट करे खुशियों को..ओर गम रिप्ल होकर...प्लूटो पर पहुंच जाए।।

    (Proton)^2 directly proportional to electron jo jaye...
    Jisse aapki jeevan mai positivity negativity ko hmesha...cancel krti jaye
    ... caption...