• maoahi 7w

    I don't know how it came across
    When I first made the cross
    Between something beautiful and something gross
    So as long as you feel it's alright
    You can look away
    My hands are still in mud
    Stuck around the castle unbuilt
    I can't get up
    Though now I want to
    I wish I could sit there
    From yellow to blue
    Architecture is all lost
    The pillars that we designed
    They can't hold up with half the side
    Of course ceilings are falling down
    I thought beautiful is what mattered
    But you were always focused on gross
    It was not as mismatched as it seems now
    N I can't give up
    Though now I want to
    Soon, the storms are gonna hit
    N it will be sea again
    We can't really take anything here
    Our homes are meant to be empty
    Only if I find someone
    With the same type of sand
    But again, it wouldn't look like I had dreamt
    So, I guess I'll wait
    Until all the sand find its sea
    N years later some stupid teenagers
    Or adults or senior citizens
    Might use our blue print to complete their castle
    In the end it's not about the competition
    Were you able to finish off what you started?
    Life's good if you can answer that with a smile
    So I am swamped right now
    Stuck around the broken castle
    I can't get up
    Though I want to now