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    And here comes a new dawn
    Away they chase as a yawn
    Friend or foe all's gone
    And to danger I'm prone
    With this fight I'm never done
    I hope the fear gets out-grown

    From the shadows they prey
    But to you I always pray
    You may let my calm stay
    And keep the enemies away
    In peace that I may lay
    As down shuts the day

    I fake it all with a smile
    Inner emotions running mild
    I hold this thought for a while
    But my rage is fresh and wild
    I cover alittle the coming mile
    Surrounded but still a lonely child

    With a mask on my face
    My emotions play a chess
    And the tears far away I chase
    For its never the time nor place
    In my emotion a drowning case
    And my next move I have to guess

    To my cries I play blind
    To the faked joys I must bind
    And my tears I let only at hind
    And my joys give out of kind
    For love is always blind
    Only to feed their pride


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    For so long I've had a mask that even now I don't need one to shield myself. For much long I've been dead inside without letting a cry.