• ogunsola_ayobami_samuel 47w

    Whispers of Suicide

    It started when hope is no more cure to worriness
    But a defer to live, in this life of weariness

    Voices from the silence speaking out loud
    Forcing me to dance to an unpleasant sound

    The reasons to live became the reasons to die
    Read my lips its not a lie

    I hope my next action is understandable
    Soon I might become unreachable

    Hanging onto every tiny bit of hope of this world
    An awful voice whispers to me to commit suicide without saying a word

    Deep within me I lost all hope
    Life is too unbearable, I just can't cope

    In my consciousness and unconsciousness
    There are whispers in my head
    Voices humming something I never heard

    Dear friends and family I'm dying
    Check my lips I'm not lying