• marcellemae 49w

    I have a dream... of a world where the mixing of generations, nations, colours, creeds and cultures defies the desire to label, segregate and seperate what was, and is and will continue to be the evolving shades and fabrics of humanity. Where the doers are outdone by the believers and the truth seekers, the breathing, living, loving lining of humanity that sees within. Past the shells of our souls, past the judgement, the fear, the blindness, the I am, you are... past the racism, elitism, egotism, whitism. Past the cast, half-cast, high-cast, low cast. The divisions of the who will eat and prosper, dining with others dying at our feet. Bound by our differences to become indifferent. To become one. I have a dream that I will rise up to meet the inequalities in our society. That I will stop saying, that’s so terrible, and start charging my energy, my bank account, my purchasing power, my choices and my speech, to begin to lift the fallen, to push power to their direction. To remember the fortune of my position, and that change is not just my ability, it can be my decision. Our decision. To have a voice and use it.

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