• manshigupta 11w


    The happiness that came with him,
    became a part of me.
    And now that he's gone,
    He took me away from me.

    He says we are on different chapters of life
    What could he mean?
    Was it so easy to move on?
    Cause I'm still stuck on the chapter of my life that includes him.

    "We are not meant to be together"he said
    Then what were we?
    He is no more mine
    And I? I can't find me.

    I tried to move on,
    Worked hard to concentrate on me.
    I need him,
    He said there was a time when he needed me.

    What now then?
    Did he find someone?
    Will she love him like I did?
    Is our story really over?
    Then ask him to return my love to me.