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    10 Aug 2021 10.10 pm

    I didn't use any color name :-) but it's complicated !
    ( 2 Ms wasn't intended )
    Okay thank you so much for EC ��
    Thank you so much for like @miraquill

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    / Terrain tints and verdant shades /

    Aeonian soul amongst fleeting luminosity
    Aureate glow overshines bland depths
    Binding darkness spread tints of void
    Bondage the color of bones, crushed hope

    Claymugs ground spirits in coffee bean tint
    Cultivates faith fragrant moon beam bliss
    Dancing clouds and dizzy rain warm shades
    Dazzling stars serenading peaks veiled with snow

    Emeralds and rubies, jewels under the waves
    Endnotes on pamphlets, the color of trust
    Giftwrappers and glitter, glued to unsent letters
    Glowing candles, the color of burning doubt

    Hues of Vangogh's sunflowers in vintage vase
    Hurts and heals barren blues of lost love
    Inking prayers in blood with an oath of forever
    Inching closer to the grave hidden in verdant

    Jaded frames of dreamcatchers swinging
    Jostling wind chimes to the breeze shaded time
    Kneeling on the altar of force, confessing dark
    Kalon wrapped peonies in tincture of promise

    Lost kites and popped bubbles, color of magic
    Lissome grass blades, buds last color of rainbow
    Morning gale the gown of autumnal tear drops
    Mystic strokes of pistachios and perseverance

    Mending hearts in patches, faded tiles of care
    Milky straws vacuuming happy pills of sugar
    Nocturnal tides drowning chaos in infinity scarf
    Nimbus clouds and nightmares drip honey 

    Old cassettes in pastel boxes, mix tape of mood swings
    Oil shaded lamps on the bedside of progress
    Popcorns and sandgrains, emptying pleasant waves
    Pirouette of star dust on gleaming windowsills

    Questions, the texture of torn fabrics and forlorn
    Quietly screaming lost love on blank walls of cage
    Rage the drops of blood, overflowing wineglass
    Rings and stones, infinity etched on rocks

    Songs of rainbow, scribbles of rust
    Seashells and pearls, the color of fantasy
    Tryst with a wandering monk wearing peace
    Tripping on fogs of existence, shade of mist

    Undying breath of sprouts and wings ethereal
    Umpteen prayers on shooting stars
    Vignettes of murky bleak portraits on walls
    Vague swirls of viridian heartaches tangle

    Worn yet strong boat of life, floating on blues
    Wayfarers dreams are sepia tinted slides 
    Xenias reciprocating words and deeds
    Xylan cells and nerves blooming buds 

    Yards of smiles reaped on forgiveness
    Yarns of gold, spinning bonds on hold
    Zigzag running palm prints of skinning fate
    Zealous zephyr on frenzy, molten lava lights

    // Terrain tints and verdant shades
    A mundane piece in naked strokes //

    / Those messy palettes and bloody fingerprints
    Pain carved on aeonian soul to etch melancholy /