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    Red as in phases of life of a girl ❤️

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    I ebbed through spring to a rosebud in it's
    tiny curves seeping smiles on autumn's

    I brimmed as blessing on seconds of
    seriousness pasted on forehead as a sign
    of goodluck.

    I flourished with pain when 14th spring
    struck, suspicions, swings with a boon
    in it's duvet.

    I bled through eyes when caged in veils
    camouflaging dreams deliquesced in
    dark dusks.

    I burgeoned in nights when lavenders
    hugged my heart, light came from sky
    touched my heart.

    I brimmed as a bond between charcoaled
    elflocks scribbling a foreword of a beautiful

    I adorned eager earth when welcomed as
    spring to sweeten a stranger's unique