• whatsinawordd 66w

    Chaos in my dream

    An unknown set of eyes wander,
    she's no older than 6 years.
    Blood on her hands.
    Fear on her mind
    Feeble and trembling,
    Scared and crumbling
    Crying each time she appears in my dreams,
    and begging to save her.
    I don't know her,
    I've never even met her
    Yet these unknown eyes don't let me sleep
    She curses our world for killing her father.
    Sobbing of their helplessness.
    she carries postcards of happy days
    Riding on the back of her father,
    as they lived with love in their home.
    Now a graveyard of bodies rot there
    She asks what is her mistake?
    That she was innocent!
    And everyone around was a monster.
    Or because she was not a monster herself?
    This girl doesn't let me sleep
    As If I owe something to her.
    I wake up sweating at nights,
    Scared of her safety from the monsters.
    Worried if she's alive.
    And after popping pills to ease the anxiety.
    I close my eyes, only to hear her crying.
    Someday,someone will avenge me,she says.
    I'll wait
    Until then I'll visit you for safety.
    For the world doesn't give me a house.
    But your dreams are my shelter.
    And I wait for the curse to be over.
    Popping pills and praying for her peace.
    Or actually my insomniac peace.