• ayu004_ 9w


    A laugh in the sea of sadness : as he beckoned me over ,with a warmth of caffeine -blankets
    Seeing through my soul of misery in pain: kissing swollen- beds of lips
    Tingling the pain watering my eye -lashes ,insane!
    Tapping my cores of blue roses falling: within paved paths of cobalt roses in lane

    The noise is music to his ears : of soft petals tracing his imperfections
    Humming sweet words: resurrecting his dry -edged cores
    Pouring sweet- syrup ; brewed within cobalt roses plucked
    Lost within worlds of mellifluous sweet- tantrums...

    // Darling my cobalt-cores are only for you : to thrive and delve into..
    Solving unfolded mysteries
    Lost within bleeding parchments at night //