• sai_sriram 10w

    The First kiss...

    "Thinking about you makes my mind all groovy. Even This afternoon, I'm feeling like being in a scene from a Mani Ratnam movie or maybe Gautam Menon's. Each morning I rise, your image just fills my eyes. And when I go back home, there's your face again. You're just driving me insane. Right at this moment, like the most precious of diamonds I'm trying to string together the right words.
    You're.....Ohh how do I describe?
    You are my endless perennial ocean...no
    No no no....you're my.....oh damn, ahh..you are someone who's shaking my heart with sweet tremors. I don't know whether this is my first chapter or the last but I just want this moment to last long....forever. Everytime I walk to you merely to say the three magical words, your eyes steals everything. Oh, Mira I'm head over heals in.."
    "Bro she's coming", Farooq signaled and vanished himself from the library. As the librarians were inside the stock room checking some stuffs. I was all alone in the thirteen cross fifteen room filled with books and air conditioners. I felt a sudden flutter inside my bod. The six air conditioners around me made it even worse. A minute later, the door slowly opened. It was her. She slowly walked inn towards me. She was wearing a Grey coat over a white shirt with a Grey skirt. It was the school uniform. She sat opposite.
    "Hey junior, you called me?" She was such a sassy girl.
    "Ahh...yeah I do wanna say something to you", I took a deep breath "Mira...i" Oh man, I was right. The moment my eyes met hers, she stole away everything I prepared.
    "Hey, what happened?" She placed her hand on mine, and took me to a state of trance.
    "Ah.. Hey I.. actually prepared speech to tell but right now, am running short for words" I was not able to look at her eyes. My head just bent down.
    "So....you want my help?" She....her face was looking cute and surprised, for she has never seen me behave like this.
    "Yeah....yeah I do need your help." I slightly looked up at her, " can you please close your eyes for a minute" my words suprised her again and again.
    "But why?" Was all she could ask.
    She closed her eyes with a weird expression on the face.
    "Mira...It's been ten years, since my face first met yours. All these years I have always wanted to tell you this but my murky mind never allowed me. It thought it could ruin our friend ship. After all, it is only now I have carefully picked up all my scattered confidence to tell this" I paused for a minute. I heard my heart beating faster than usual. I silently stood up and went near her. I witnessed her face giving a kind of blush. With kneels down, I turned her chair towards me.
    "Hey...." she blinked her eyes. My hands slowly reached hers.
    "Mira, i wanna love this senior like the Tom loving his Jerry, like the food loving it's salt. I am currently running short of words. So all I wanna say is,....I want to grow old with this senior together and see the world grow young."
    I kept taking deep breaths. When I looked at her eyes, it was as big as a snow ball a four year old could build. Her lips were opened, eye brows were too up. There was silence all over us for a few good seconds.
    "Hey....I don't....know what to say" she slowly whispered. " I haven't said you something" she held my hands tight.
    "I know it Mira...." i mumbled.
    "What?" It was a very fast reply from her.
    "About you and shiv...." though my words were soft, I am sure I would have had a serious face.
    "Hey but it's fini....." before she could complete, I stopped her.
    "I don't wanna know about it senior" I looked into her eyes, this time I stole her words. " I just wanna say, I....oh damn man why is it so difficult to say this" I gabbled again. She literally laughed hearing it.
    " yeah it would be difficult for the first time" Her voice sounded happier than before.
    "Will you help me?" Our eyes met each other.
    "Jerry.....all this relationship...it limits everything....and once you realize you can't handle the rules and limits of it, you start hating the other person which I don't wanna happen. Let's be like this". Her face was much serious than mine.
    "That's right ......that's totally right but Mira I don't want all this rules and limits. I want us to fly together in the blues. Let there be no expectations, no rules and no limits.
    Let's just fly up under the sun" I slowly stood up. Though my knees were hurting , I was just staring at her eyes. My hand was still wrapped by her fingers. With the help of it she stood up. At that moment we both were shivering. I witnessed a small smile growing up on her pink lips.
    "Okay....but junior, I would sweat if I fly under the sun". The smile was now really big... big enough for me to realize that she's in love.
    "Ohh, don't worry senior. I'll wipe it off with the stars" I whined back with a smile. There was silence again. But this time it was fused with love. She then came a little closer. There was hardly any gap between us.
    "Well then, let's get drenched in this love" with a step forward, with closed eyes, her lips touched mine. I tasted life. I made a home on her lips for a good five minutes. There was no need for an I love you. That day....that particular day the first chapter of my love story begun....with that a small fear of losing her started to grow.