• kymberlove1 19w

    Why are people so frightened by me?
    Maybe it's the God in me, the Fire in my eyes, or
    my Stern Voicetrous voice,

    Mayybe it's the booty, my valumptrious body.,
    Or how about my unique beauty.,

    Maybe it's my rough side, or times when I can love unconventionally, or when I can be okay with just being alone.

    Maybe it's the way I love or the times I show I don't care. Maybe just maybe when they look into the mirror they see someone who is broken with so much capabilities yet battling., and

    Maybe they are frightened because they can't handle the God in me, the resilience, the determination, and all that life has thrown.

    Maybe they're frightened because they should be, after all who want to experience the things I've had to endure.

    By. Kimberly Corley
    December 5th 2020

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