• sereiin 84w

    After all the burdens of melancholy life puts over my shoulder I sit among the stars that shine bright among all the darkness .
    The little fragments of happiness of the wind caressing my hair that falls of every time I look up counting the stars.
    For the hundredth time and I tell myself not to give up

    The wind whispers a hello into my ears and we have a conversation in the most hesitant way.
    It sways among the dead leaves and flowers every time it talks about love.

    The city goes quiet and the moon shines even brighter envying to the love the wind whispered about

    There's a fine line between life and death gaping like a black hole love lies within.

    Seldom in a person,
    Generally among the little things.

    Rarely of you and me sitting below the vast skies sharing insecurities and believes
    Mostly when you sit over the rooftop with a heart that has been numb and you finding your solace amongst the curved moons and wild hearts.

    Not among the beautiful faces with red lipstick and slick hair tucked behind , a one piece and high heeled love.
    Happens for the pretty brown eyes with baggy jeans and flats, with someone that's like you.

    It's not about the love they talked about in the movies,
    It about the love you and me still write about.
    - Radhika ��

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