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    Kathayini avtra of maa durga

    Kathayini is the 6th incarnation of maa durga,she is the one of the most worshiped form of durga,and considerd a destroyer of evil.she has four hands she wields a long sward and lotus in two of them,she bless with third hand and protects with the fourth one.according to legands their was a sage know as' kat' who has a son known as katya,later he named his son 'katyayan'as katyayan had no offspring the sage worshiped the god for child, hence the Devi born to sage Kat is worshiped as kathayini avtra where maa durga stays 3 days and kills mahishasur on vijaydasmi,its also said that as mahishasur was troubleing much to god and sages the complaint was gone through lord Brahma Vishnu and maheshwara to solve this problem trinity emmited the flame which took the form of kathayini, the godes gifted her with lots of weapons to kill mahishasur,Shiva gifted her a trident,Vishnu give her a dicus,varuna give her conch shell Agni gave her a dart,surya give her a quiver,Indra give her a thunderbolt,Kubera give her a mace Brahma gave her rosary and water pot Kala give her sword and shield vishwakarm give her a battle Axe and many other weapons,her vehicle is lion.according to bhagvatapurna the young marriageble girls of gokula observed fast during the entire month of margashira and worshiped kathayini to get lord Krishna as their husband, its belived that who worships maa kathayini will find worthy husband.(sloka for unmarried girls kathayini mahamaye mahayoginyadheesawari nandagopustam devipatim me kuru te namah..) For all om aim hreem kleem Am kam kathayini namaha..jay Matadi..