• samanthaspeaks 59w

    Disastrous Love ❤️

    Disastrous love
    Come bend me up, I need to feel you breaking me
    Bc if youre not breakin me in half
    Then I’m buckling at my own two knees
    N now you got me down here begging at your feet
    Show me a little mercy baby,
    My heart just needs a little bit of relief.
    Go ahead taunt my mind and have my heart aching in places I didn’t even know were there
    Keep me here on purpose

    Go ahead baby Darlin, show me that I’m worth it
    Excerpt your power over me,
    Punish me for the way I tend to misbehave
    Give me life only when you breath into me
    After all, I know this is my fault
    N I probably deserve it anyway
    So go head boy, put me up on the shelf with all your other broken things
    And There I’ll hang forevermore
    Painted on the walls for everyone to see