• rebeltease 33w

    Moments Scribbled

    Something exceptional in this
    world of written words we once shared
    Minutes turned into hours spent
    opened hearts soon had cared

    Consequences meaningful or
    at least they were to me
    Nights you spent in my dreams,
    from you I could not be free

    Craved your music evermore,
    your voice did not deceive
    Knowing the gentle touch of our
    lips would be heaven to receive

    Special moments scribbled back and
    forth left an everlasting impression
    Ultimately accomplished only
    left me to then question

    Still generously and unhesitatingly
    I relaxed walls I built
    Realizing the extraordinary
    good fortune not guilt

    When you left soon my words
    lost meaning soon it was unveiled
    Tidal volume of pain within
    me as i then exhaled

    Unique love unlikely,
    possibilities were now dismissed
    Leaving me heartbroken,
    dagger in my chest as you twist