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    Dear Sanam, Aka @fromwitchpen

    I know it's too late to wish you, but as everyone knows that this is the style of mine, that I always wish at the very last so that there will be no one after me because I want to be the happy ending of everything. Still if you feel like anything in your heart, then my heartiest apologies. Pardon.

    Sanam you know, it's been more than one year, we met. And since then there is nothing to see back. At the very early phase, i thought that like other famous writers you won't consider me but my perception was totally wrong because you never took me otherwise. What i love most in you is your simplicity and honesty. I hadn't expexted that someone from another nation will be so lovely and will be close to heart. You're the best expectation ever happend in my life. I really was surprised that someone like you is secretly impressed by me and I was secretly being admired by you. People forget all your good points, but you always remembered them and respected me everyday.

    Unexpectedly we started reading each other and became readers of each other. Dear Alliteration queen, sometimes I wonder that how could someone be so talented and beyond my imagination level. To be very honest, Whatever you write goes upper from the head because your English is not of this world. I'm sure that you have discovered your own dictionary. Everytime, i have to use Google for your words, but once I get that what did you write, I swear, I feel like my words and silence are separated from me because you took all the words and hid all the silences. Sometimes I really wonder that how could someone write so wondrous. Ok now tell me that where do they words come from! No questions on your writing skill and no answers for your imagination. Noone was more happy than me when you got your first pod. I always tell that all your posts deserve pod. You're magician of a pen. As a reader , i found you the best one. I love the way you personally tell about the mistakes in the posts without making me feel embarrassed. You're a true motivator. I learn from you and have to learn a lot.

    Sanam, whenever I use Sanam in my Hindi posts, that reminds me of you. This name is so lovely. I know all the problems you have faced in the past which discouraged you but you were none of them who easily give up. You fought and won and that's what I loved in you. You're the sun of Miraquill, whose lightning presence covers up all the other stars. Your fame didn't lead you towards the sense of Egoism and I loved that. I found a sister, friend, writer and a genuine reader in you. I feel proud when writers like you visit me. I feel proud in being your following list. It's so huge to be there. You're the loveliest witch I met, hehe. You're a rising star of writing world and hopes of many. Let me tell you something-

    Let the sun rise and spread essence
    You lighten the world with your presence

    Let the moon sprinkle honeydew
    Be the ambrosia version of you.

    Let the stars sing lullaby
    You sing the song of a sea.

    Let the birds chirp a tune
    You become a rhythmic boon.

    Let the sky fall on the ground
    You expand all around.

    Leave the whole cosmos behind
    You just fly above your mind.

    I am never upset with you because you deserve to be loved and I love you.

    Happy birthday Sanam. May Allah bless you with his never fading presence and all the successes. Be happy, healthy, wealthy and prosperous. Stay satisfied and cool. ������������������ ������������������ loads of love and wishes

    Hoping and praying for the best. Enjoy the day.

    Rani di

    Note- the bg contains adjectives hidden in your name or maybe your name is hidden in these.

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    Famous,Furious, Fast, Fabulous, Fairy
    Realistic, Rational, Rosy, Reliable
    Outstanding, Obidient, Open
    Motivating, Magical,Meek
    Wonderful, Wondrous
    Intellectual, Iconic
    Careful, Cute
    Naive, Noble
    Fantastic Frank,Fire
    Super, Sweet, Sparkling
    Aesthetic, Adored, Actual
    Nicely, Never-failing, Natural
    Mind blowing, Magnificently, Mature