• _still_in_mess 19w

    //Pal Bhar Thahar Jao,Dil Ye Sambhal Jaye,
    Kaise Tumhe Roka Karoon..//

    Sometimes when time fades,
    You paint my memories,
    Don't you?
    Just sometimes I feel we are stuck between
    being ‘us' travelling
    through those numb eyes of yours,
    I swear I just didn't fell in love with you,
    But fell in love with your dreams too.
    How memorable was past time,
    when my silence in your ears use to narrate a story...
    And your smile just fascinate my cheeks to blush..
    “Life flows , just trust me your hands in my hands will be never patched in dark diaries of yours," you said ....
    Didn't you? And I believed
    I still do. I won't let my diary to bake a meal of heartbreak.
    My ink paints your presence in my heart,
    Still with same mess of thousands emotions..
    You know those pages of diary decorates you more delicately then my thoughts.
    I will never break your hopes in my existence..
    You are part of my survival,
    And will be till the last breathe..
    I still see you besides me..
    Maybe not in sunrise of your breathe,
    But definitely with storm of sunset..
    I remember the way you caged my sky,
    With colourful faith..
    I adore those moments and still they are alive in hidden album of my gallery.
    Where ‘we' are still engaged in eye contact..
    I'm still standing at edge of door,
    Where I worship your last footprints
    As flower of my metaphors...


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