• fantasy_invader 170w


    1. Being a real sarcastic person and making everyone laugh their lungs out.

    2. Purchasing all the best-selling novels just to enhance my collection and not actually reading them!

    3. Secretly keeping track of everyone else's lives.(Yes I'm the Karan Johar of your life! >.<)

    4. A listener and a secret-keeper! You can pour your heart out and I won't judge.
    Also, I excessively care for the people I love without asking for anything in return.

    5. Randomly gifting the people I love and watching them scream with joy!( That kinda happiness is so pious.)

    6. Making sketches and artworks out of my own imagination.

    7. Crushing over celebrities and fantasizing about meeting them in reality.(Shawn Mendes tops the list!��)

    8. Sleeping almost anywhere I find place. Even if I just woke up from a 14-hours long nap!��

    9. Being jealous to see the people I love hangout with someone else.( What's mine is only mine!!)

    10. Remembering every person who has ever been a part of my life.( I still remember my friends from kindergarten!)

    P.S. - It was a real tough job to select top 10 out of the 30 points that I wrote!��

    @fireblast_ This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and amazing prompt !!!
    Thank you for this.❤��


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