• samantha_allender 41w


    I think of u when the sun settles behind the horizon
    and the moon rises from beyond the clouds
    I think of you when rainbows appear
    N evey time I close my eyes somehow
    N it torturous the way it taunts me
    Whispering on about
    N it’s hurts me baby can’t you see
    Cause I could of swore by now you could tell
    My silhouette is fading
    As I slip into the night
    Hoping to escape you in my dreams
    Cause it hurts too much when you come to mind.
    N I wish I could say i wasn’t at all to blame but we both know I’d be telling lies
    And baby I’m so god damn tired
    of running
    Always on the wrong side of what’s right .
    So boy won’t you just love me
    The way I need you too
    Cause I’m bending and breaking n I don’t think I’m gonna make it
    Here living without you