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    #be brave !!!

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    I met her .

    I woke up in complete confusion,
    Wondering about all those explosions.

    I was scared and afraid of the beasts,
    Not knowing what were the reasons or the zests.

    I screamed,ran to find a home ,
    But I could do nothing but only roam.

    I closed my eyes ,prayed for that one soul,
    There was she, a glamour in her strengths,
    And something irresistible in her foul.

    But astonishingly she looked like a replica of mine,
    But something was incurable in her :-her shine .

    She impressed the fact, she was a warrior from the future,
    She giggled and stated:- I was in the journey to nurture .

    She held my hands,and asked me to feel ,
    I felt brave , a spurt courage grew in me ,
    And then every fear was easier to kill.

    She hugged me tight, it was really warm,
    I was in tears , banishing the wounds from the harm.

    Her words healed the sorrow,
    And she told me it was not me but the world which is narrow,

    I felt like being lke her, the only one,
    Those glazing eyes told she already won .

    But then darkness tried to revisit my world ,
    She couldn't stay , she had to help people who were whirled.

    Before she vanished , she mentioned I was from the few,
    And finally that gaily smile of her really made me new .