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    Pardon the length, hope you enjoy it..!

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    "All right my fellow applications, it is time I reveal why I gathered all of you." Said a blue square with "f" written in it.

    "Yes, tell us already, Facebook, we don't have time." A red and gray square spoke, designed to look like a mail.

    "Keep calm, Gmail. We are all here for a reason." A tiny green talk bubble said calmly. Yes, he was WhatsApp.

    "Alright folks. You know the problem. We used to rule in this phone. We used to be the addiction of this person called "Jay". Now, look at us. What has happened to us?" Said Facebook in rage.

    "Not our fault. I push notifications everyday. But that Mirakee has changed everything." Said colorful Instagram.

    "That's why we are here. To discuss the problem. Mirakee has done a big damage to us. All of us. Now, it is time we hit back." Facebook's rage wasn't going down anytime sooner.

    "What can we do? We don't have power." A voice came from a corner.

    "Buddy, I mean no disrespect, but you are 'hangouts'. You didn't have power from the beginning." Said a skyblue icon with a "hi" written on it.

    "Hike...!? Keep it to yourself. We are not here to fight." Twitter yelled. And all applications started murmuring.

    "Shut up you all. We are here to unite" Facebook screamed over microphone. Everyone felt silent.

    "I have a plan. Mutiny. We used to be the best apps. Jay loved us. So, we will remind him our existence. Then, he will be back to using us again." Said a red icon with a play button on it.

    "YouTube, your plan looks good. But, how will we achieve his attention?" Asked Amazon worryingly.

    "Well, we have to do what we do best. Push Notifications. More and more. We will plan and attack. We will give the notifications all together. A lot of them. And, he has to love us back. We will make him uninstall Mirakee." Said Chrome. Chrome's rage was clearly visible on his icon.

    "Fine. It is decided then. We will flood his notification bar." Facebook said. "Prepare yourselves applications. It is now or never. Asphalt 8, Curiosity, Evernote, Maps, Google, FreeCharge, Paytm... I know you guys are not great in sending notifications, but I want your support today. Messenger, my wife (sends a flying kiss) will push notifications too."

    "I can feel the fingerprint sensor working. Here he comes.. here he comes... Prepare yourselves." Camera yelled in panic.

    Jay unlocks his phone. *Click*

    "13 chats from 9 conversations"

    "3 new emails"

    "Up to 47% off on earphones. Seal the deal now."

    "3 pokes, 4 notifications and 8 friend requests pending"

    "2 chat heads active"

    "The Grand Tour has posted a new video. Take it offline"

    Asphalt 8
    "McLaren MP4-25 is available now. Make it yours"

    "Alarm is snoozed. Swipe to cancel"

    Formula 1
    "Bottas to Mercedes. Massa to rejoin Williams"

    Play store
    "3 updates are total pending."

    "15°C. Clear"

    "When are you coming back?"

    "Additional 10% discount at McDonald's"

    "Free movie tickets. Apply promo code : 'superhero'"

    "Just for laugh has sent you 3 messages "

    "3 messages and 2 posts notifications."

    "Your download has completed."


    What the hell..!? What is up with these notifications? Jay asked himself. "Clear all" he touched the screen. And, all the notifications disappeard.
    *Opens Mirakee.*