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    Dear Mom.

    From a doting son to his paralysed mother. ��


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    Dear Mom

    You are heard. 
    Your cries are echoing through infinite skies. 
    One can't fathom the present tortures you endure,
    Drowning in a sea of temptation.
    And just as you begin to gather the motivation
    To emerge from your humiliation, 
    Your lungs are engulfed with defeat. 
    You see the surface but you can't reach it. 
    You're handcuffed to the ocean floor, 
    Chasing what could be, but won't be. 

    How pitiful it must be to be frozen; 
    Watching the world,
    Which seems to be moving in slow motion,
    How haunting it must be
    To see the ones you love,
    But can't touch or hold them
    Like you should, like you would. 
    You wish that you could. 
    One can't imagine the pain you suffer. 
    Freedom is inopportune. 

    The sunlight taunts you. 
    Your aching heart wants to reach out
    And embrace the beams that rain down
    from the heavens;
    Melt in its homely warmth, 
    But your body still grasps the darkness. 
    It still falls short of its duties, responsibilities. 

    How tragic it must be to know that, 
    As you lie in that single bed, 
    Society keeps changing, growing, 
    Shrinking without you; 
    You never know who's thinking about you.
    You never know who's cursing you
    beneath their lips.

    But it's okay mother, you are heard. 
    Never neglected,
    Never brushed off. 
    Beloved, you are. 
    Forever respected,
    Forever adored.