• thatweirdislandgirl 22w


    As I sip on this red wine I began to reminisce on a time when you were mine
    When you use to devour my lips, and grind to the rythym of my hips, as I tease your manhood with my fingertips and you ravish my body
    There was a time when making me want you, making me wet, making me beg, making me cum was your favourite hobby
    Because it gave you so much pleasure to know that I could not measure the depths of your love for me and how you fulfill all my fantasies and take me to the point of ecstacy where your name just rolled effortlessly off my tongue and I screamed so loud on the top of my lungs "Baby I'm cumming" So as I sip on this glass of red wine, I will reminisce on your loving and a time when you were mine.