• zoya_charmz 11w

    Alluring metaphors hide beneath
    her lemon poetry, she stitches
    seasons with an ounce of spicy
    phrases extending the variations
    of magnificence while gulping
    autumn breaths and dangling
    some amour poetry.

    When she stepped her fifteenth
    monsoon, she drew a marine
    moon at the back of her stained
    diary which now drizzles every
    night when she feels like a dead
    sky above her head whispering
    nocturnal rhymes and sprinkling
    necromantic clouds.

    She speaks endless language
    of love and life, the symphony of
    her unbounded waves waft through
    her glittering eyes which shed clusters
    of meteors and the first ray of sunrise.

    She breeds dandelions and butterflies
    in her heart, soothes the horizon
    with flavoured oysters,
    She inhales Saturn's aubade,
    writes acrostic of folklore
    and waters the barren deserts.



    Happy happy birthday to you ji ����������

    I found a girl ��
    Beautiful and kind
    Sometimes cute
    Sometimes mute
    So adorable to find like her ..ohh that smile !!
    Pretty in nature
    Her smile is like an ocean
    You dive in and find the peace in her,
    Words are magical you read and just get disappear,
    So hum mile ye coincidence kaho !!
    Amazing she's amazing
    Aur mai kya kahu
    Kehne ko kitaab likh du
    Ankhon se suru karu
    Aur jhumko tak ki
    Khanak se lekar
    Tere payal ki khankaar likh du,
    Shayaro se chura k alfaaz nazm bana du
    Aur mai kya likhu
    Tere hone ka ek alag ehsaas hai
    Kuch khatti kuch meethi
    Baatein aur zoya bhi sath hai
    We three are musketeers hume aaj bhi wo spam yaad hai, sath kiye wo prank yaad hai
    I know you were leaving aaj bhi wo na jane ki smile yaad hai. So happiest birthday to you my dear ⭐��❤️
    Hope your days are bright, your nights are shining
    Almighty bless you and give you strength
    Blessings are more and words are fully sanitized
    Enjoy your day
    Nightmare wish you your future bright !! ����❤️


    Happy Birthday my lovie-dovie ❤️
    Many Many happy returns of the day ��
    Wish you love and laughter of life. You were, you are and you'll always be my lil sis. I love you and you know that. ❤️ God bless ✨
    Sending you sky full of love from us ������
    Keep shining my star ��


    *���������� ��������������������*

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    She bleeds biology even wearing the sombre nights.