• cheezmoore 33w


    We creamed our skins with dust
    and took turns enjoying every bit of it
    like the nourishment hidden
    in every particule
    was gonna be beyond skin.
    We creamed from palm to fist,
    fist to back.
    We creamed till every part of our shades of melanin
    sparkled of dirt.
    This is not a story of just any fight.
    Its a wrestle where both backs hit the ground
    and the fact that one stands quicker
    doesn't mean you're opportuned.
    This is a story of two restless bodies
    to take their places in death or life
    - that they may find rest either way.
    But the question is, "who gets the peace?"
    "Who's has an edge and who's at the edge?"
    "Who's nourishing and who's nourishment?"
    May the buried and surviving tell.
    - Cheez