• moitreyee 11w

    Not dedicated to anyone. Thought of leaving this piece here for whoever it may concern or help.

    By trauma dumping in public platforms, I don't refer to people pouring their heart out in miraquill. That's different, here you won't expect someone to read it, people can read something by their own choice but I have experienced this in many platforms like youtube, Facebook where people randomly reply to strangers talking about their completely irrelevant trauma to the actual post which mostly seems like people justifying themselves when no one asked for it. Yes people may be insecure but sharing an unasked info can also ruin someone else's day. Thanks.

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    No one can steal your loved ones from you. If you ever felt like it has happened, remember your loved ones had never loved you.
    Is it worth to waste your tears for someone who never thought of you as their beloved but a pillow they had planned to cling onto until it's dawn ? Or a wine they need to swallow their lonesome pain along ? People talk about using someone for physical needs, let's talk more about how people use others for their emotional needs, how people randomly practice toxic trauma dumping in public platforms. Beware of people using you, one who uses can't afford efforts.