• laus_deo 28w

    The lemonade tinged sky reeks of magnum
    thunder and I sip the cups of scented rain diffused in the air. Tulips dipped in vase like wine glass drink the water poured by me in the morning to keep them fresh for a little too long. Behind faded windows, we both glance the clouds ripping apart as their violent bursts of anger collide with the shivering trees. One of the thousand verses of poetry melt on my palms as the orange glow of skirted streetlights smile at me endlessly. The stubborn fragrance of rain coated smiles swallow the clumsiness of the town as strangers walk on the empty roads, perhaps to catch with their duties or just to wander aimlessly. Bubbling train's whistle wave at the summer sun playing hide and seek with the cloud's child.Our hearts, young and naive suppress the violent distorted melodies while soothing in the lap of silence. Flickering the spotlight of a chandelier in my eyes, I utter
    "Thank you" for the nature's delight.

    Monsoon knocked at my door with a bunch of silver birch trees neatly folded in an envelope.



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