• divulgingenigma 20w


    I stood with your every base which was composed of lies and was coated with momentary phases ,I walked blindly in a hope that at the end you would save me,you won't let me curse myself, yes in a hope that there is something you must have been erasing from my pain. I made myself believe that every invisible effort can't be denied and ignored but you ditched me in a long run,you didn't see the clotting I had been carrying for everytime you added more to them,I wore winters and never let them bleed. But its difficult to hold their weight, they are heavy than your excuses, they are not easy on me.
    I am not in the radar of frequent losses because I have left that space long ago,this time I am watching myself gliding over thorns which you sow in the name of a new start,in the name of wrong choices I hopped on. Like a fool I sang with you,everything you pushed me into I never asked for your hand but you treaded over my longings, over my heart and suffering eyes.
    Now I can't see far,I can't crawl to you for your favours because my eyes are willing to shut and my senses are feeling pity on my existence just because I looked you with grace & loved you in the days when you laughed over my tears.


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    Its difficult to carry the clotting you
    gifted me dear life,they are heavier than
    I am keeping stone on my heart.