• mahi_isru 62w

    Winds of catastrophe

    Gloomy days behind, gloomy days ahead
    The streets are all barren, people in hospital bed
    The fight for life is high, the fight for oxygen higher
    The greed for wealth has died, the need for life is dire.
    The cost of life is towering, death even more detrimental for some
    No glad tidings to the passers ,for the winds of catastrophe have come.

    Our homes, our abodes, our hideouts are now our heaven.
    Spiteful Hearts now pray for mercy, ills forgotten, all forgiven
    The restlessness is so loud and the silence is so deafening,
    The occasional ripping cries of loss sound even more numbing.
    Silently we pray for glad tidings as better humans we become
    And when we rise from ashes we'd recollect how the winds of catastrophe had come