• spicywords 157w


    Every time the sky changes color .
    Blessings are yet to be born.
    Here comes slowly the rain.
    Sprinkles on me .
    Felt a positive change.
    From a long range.
    Good times are as closed as my wrist.
    The only watch that fit.
    Equals the price of Gucci on your feet.
    Problem arise but I stay alive.
    To see the greatness that complains.
    Why the lateness!
    You have kept me waiting for long.
    Boy, this is where you belong.
    I smile and said it's traffic.
    To get to you is hard , ain't by magic.
    Life has once thought me lesson.
    Problems rose but now is lessen.
    I once drove through a rough road.
    Avoid the traffic signs.
    Look the police in the eye.
    Think the guns are designs.
    I Me Myself can only decide.
    What am i gonna be ?
    Great or overrated.
    Graced or lucky.
    Poetry is so cocky.
    Music is so funky.
    My word is spicy.

    Copyright Spicywords