• ibtidatahsinibnat 39w


    We learn to tie our laces, brush our hair. But these are not the only things that we learn in our childhood .We learn to lie. We also learn that a little lie can free us from getting into trouble. Fearing the hurt that we will get.

    Then a time comes. Fearing the punishment that we will get. Then we apply our learnings and lie .After we get caught we were proven what a disgrace we were.How they were shamed by us.

    But they never asked the reason. Never assure us that it was okay we could tell them the truth whatever it was.That they would have made us understand what our fault was. Not made us feel hurt.

    But it never happened. We got more terrified and started to lie .Started cover the truth fearing the pain it would get us.

    Then it turned into a circle. The more they raised the punishment the more we lie.The more they disgraced us.

    But all lies we told because we were afraid .We were thrown into the corner. We were the disappointment from which we wanted to ran away.

    But we were nothing but a satan himself to them who did all that intentionally. Yes it was intentionally but no one ever asked the reason why.

    And the lies continued ........