• sheenacatherinebelle 9w

    That's what Life is !
    This is how people are !

    Busy life,
    Running beyond infinity,
    On the verge of Insanity.
    Seeing and judging people based on Internet.
    Going astray with this busy world.
    We stopped worrying about the people,
    Whom we used to Cherish.

    Hiding their true faces behind the mask,
    When will this sort of life come to an end.
    I'm exhausted of this fake world.
    I'm sick and tired of it.
    I'm tired of running away,
    I stopped running,
    It feels like I'm far away from my home.
    No more running away,
    As nothing seems like "Forever" ...

    I just want to stand up on my own,
    Do the things right.
    Makeup with my Life.
    Stop wasting my time hurting myself,
    Wetting my pillows with tears of sorrows.
    Just wanna make things right...