• nemesis_here 8w

    My Nepenthe

    Even if my poem doesn't rhyme
    I can't stop now
    I've picked up this pen again
    after years of struggle
    after knowing its real value
    And writing has become
    my nepenthe now
    My emotions, my thoughts
    all my fights, my pain,
    and the scars beneath this skin
    I hide secretly in these stanzas
    Hoping that no one would
    never really know
    how much hurt and
    how much meaning
    do these lines hold
    My story that lies
    enveloped in these poems
    My heart, knives and shields
    that I've used all my life
    concealed underneath
    every word I write
    these are the elixirs,
    not the rhyme and the rhythm,
    that give life and
    substance to all my
    dead inked words
    I've known what it means to write
    and I've realised the freedom
    it brings with it
    So, I'd say it proudly
    even if my poetries are
    nowhere close to
    anyone's expectations
    I just can't not write.