• inshakhan13 43w

    Why am I such a Misfit.?
    While everyone is in the same world , living the same life in various ways and I'm just stuck between my own thoughts! Where I feel nobody understands me not even me myself . There's a dark loop within me which I know most of them don't know about and of which I'm unaware of , which just craves to take me in and I've got no means to pull myself away from it . there's no reason to do so. I feel in this world , not a single person understands me and how can it even be possible while I myself don't understand what I'm up to, what's actually my nature says.
    My soul is tired of God knows what and just sick of carrying it.

    From the 1st day I entered the world till now all I've done is done bad to people
    Always did bad to them .
    And I hate myself for it . I HATE MYSELF.
    never made anyone happy
    My presence itself is a void.
    And I HATE MYSELF for this. I HATE MYSELF.
    Here you might question! Why not change yourself??
    And the only Answer I have is . Yeaah I tried to.