• sindhuramrutha 28w

    "Balance in Chaos"

    On a misty gusty day...
    far was land, barely visible.

    I remember many ways,
    To choose one, I took days.
    But no,
    Neither of curiosity nor passion.
    Yet yes,
    Either of society or convention.

    With the folks side my way,
    never I chose the bay.
    Of course not of a surprise,
    we all longed for appraise.

    There was sun and it was fun.
    Other wise,
    There was rain and it was pain.
    There was snow and it was slow.

    On one clueless day,
    the road diverted paths.

    It all taught to be -
    Subtle yet gentle
    Greasy but easy.
    And also, to look at
    The stars and down at the stones.
    That made a difference!

    I started moving and kept on going.
    There's never an end, just stories to remind.