• calebgangmei 34w

    The Pilgrim's Song

    Holy,Holy is thy namest!
    O Lord reigne on Highth!
    What an eternal bestowers!
    What an astonishing art!
    Thy hands hast makest.

    Prayedst not only in despair,
    O mortal Mans-the Childe of God,
    Livest glorious and dyest triumphs;
    For thine blissful crowns,
    Livest not by mundane's cupid,
    Forsakest not the Holy Ghost,
    Strivest to barest fruiteth;
    For the graspt of ethereal seateth.

    Glory,glory be to the Lambie!
    That sheddedst blood for mankind,
    What a meekest ransomer!
    & What an immortal Lambie!

    Caleb Gangmei