• deepajoshidhawan 95w

    Magic Potion

    "No! Don't drink that!" screamed the woman, but we both were too tired and thirsty to resist. She stared at the empty bottle and ran out. We looked at each other and realised...
    that surprisingly our thirst and fatigue both abruptly disappeared .
    "O hello, listen " Both of us chased but could not find her. Looking around, we noticed we were in a bewitching garden with exquisite flowers blooming all around, soft chirping of birds.Cool breeze made us doze off.The sound of church bells woke me up.
    I saw the same old lady sitting near me and sobbing.
    "I could not stop you. You should have read the label before drinking"
    "What crime we have commited ? We are feeling very good" my friend asked.
    "That was magic potion. One who drinks this elixir will never ever die."she said.
    "So what's wrong in this? We shall become immortal" I gave her a wicked smile.
    "But it was also mentioned in tiny letters that you will have to live here in captivity. You will be immortal but will grow in age , will have all the sufferings. Your body will weaken. First friends and relatives and later on younger one will die and you will survive to see it all. A time will come when you will beg to die and get no mercy, Just like me...."
    Her eyes had a frustrating look and there was a strange pain in her voice.
    Now we realized what mistake we had done in a hurry.
    " We must have read the label before drinking it " I told my friend .
    "How do we get out of here now" I almost cried.
    Then out of nowhere , I heard my mom's voice "Deepu, Wake up, I think you are dreaming".
    ' O, God ! So this was a dream?'
    Once mom was gone,I took out the cigarette box from my school bag and carefully read the statutory warning written in small letters 'Smoking is injurious to health' and threw it in the dustbin.