• officially_ray 27w

    Nonsense, but that's how I feel at times...

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    I seeked your comfort,
    thought you understood me
    But at the end of the day, you and I,
    Are just by passers.
    I'm just another stranger you're making
    memories with.
    I know, I know I haven't made people proud,
    But when I come running to you
    to show my new poem, I don't see the proud smile anymore
    You were patient with me, and stayed longer than people usually do
    But I think, here it ends.
    I have to let go of you, I know you've already did
    But when you see me in sight, please don't run away.
    Please keep saying you'll be there ,even if you won't.
    Give me a reassuring smile, saying it will be okay, even if it won't.
    Because you've become my home,