• heartofbabel 8w

    [ A Decision of Love ]

    Have you ever felt rejection
    As you’ve strived for affection
    I have, and I’ll tell you
    To flee at the mention
    For some people are calloused
    In their heart, to no fail
    And they will beat you, and drain you
    In an endless assail

    But Love, True Love
    Is a treasure indeed
    With no restraint nor condition
    To set you to deed
    Selfless, in wonder
    Strength far beyond
    All the burdens we carry
    Just dissolve in response

    And what’s left, but a passion
    An intimate kiss
    That fells all your guards
    Till you cannot resist
    So you stay in eternal
    Knowing full well
    That outside of this Love
    Is only offered, a hell

    So find that Love
    To unlock the chains of your heart
    And do not let sorrow and shame
    Try to tear it apart
    Your hope is not slain
    By the wrongs you have known
    But instead lies in waiting
    Until its day to be shown

    So flee from the terrors
    Don’t heed to excuse
    For the actions of hate
    Just exhaust and abuse
    For you are a value
    And you shouldn’t feel pressured
    To perform for affection
    When you should be treasured

    So when, in love
    Has no answer returned
    That is the time
    Your heart should discern
    What is the purpose
    To hold to this way
    If love is so distant
    And your heart’s in dismay

    Now, love is resilient
    Love is never failing
    That is, if it’s true
    And not a curtailing
    And love could still tarry
    Past any old wrong
    But if love’s not returned
    It’s a solo of song

    So sing to a mirror
    Instead of a wall
    Look for love in reflection
    Not in withdrawal
    And whatever the outcome
    Whatever the choice
    Let love be the source
    Your decision employs

    © GaratheDen
    © HeartOfBabel