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    Inspired by Bon Jovi's 'In these arms' - You know I need you like a poet needs the pain.

    I read so many posts here on heartbreak and depression and the like. In fact, I find writing on pain very effortless as well. Because, memories of pain cling to us like leeches while those of happiness, slither away like water. And just, the other day, I was thinking of all the happy things and well, immediately, I couldn't find anything that made me really happy. Then I thought more. And more. I dug deeper. And slowly, these memories, which I had mindlessly let them slip, slowly and sporadically started crawling back to me. And gradually, I felt so foolish to have let these happy ones pass me by. Why do we do that? Why can't we cling to happy memories? Why can't we write on happiness more? On the positives and the successes and the achievements and the wins. On those who are already in your life, like a rock, standing by you, than those who left.
    Maybe, and I'm just thinking out loud, the true test of a poet is to find the exact words that depict his supreme state of happiness and to reproduce that even more beautifully. I am working on it; a conscious effort to focus on happiness and peace and positivity. And that's why, I find Carolyn's works so fresh and enlightening, they really make my day. Thank you @lovenotes_from_carolyn for all the sunshine you bring here. We really need it!

    And just to tweak Bon Jovi's words a bit (I hope he doesn't mind it :p ) ~ You know I need you like a winter that needs spring.

    Love & Light to all������

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    It's strange how pain writes itself beautifully
    But happiness,
    happiness is so much more overwhelming,
    I just can't find enough words to express it.


    (More ramble in the caption)