• silver__grace 26w

    But why... May be i love u

    I walked through the millions
    But why, my lenses wants to gaze u
    Many laugh & giggle around me
    But why, my breath goes off after peeping into your virtual smily
    I watch daily, people falling in love and easily confess
    But why, my words are always eaten up inside
    I'm the only one???
    Time passed, people's people changed
    But why, you are still constant within me and make me long
    Bulk shake hands with me
    But why, my hands are willing to grab your palm forever and ever
    I feel heartless,no matter when
    But why, with a ping of ur text i can hear my running beats
    I know i'hv fallen in a deep ocean bed & lost myself in the deep dark woods
    But why, it still resist me to be brought out
    I never expressed anything but deep down i can sence my hostility
    But I'm really very sorry abt my foolishly created stupidity
    The last thing which I know
    That YES I LOVE U
    & I Will LOVE U untill my words goes